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Breaking into Huawei’s 5G tech castle – BBC News

Huawei is facing allegations that its next generation 5G equipment could pose a national security risk.

There are concerns that China is using Huawei as a proxy and could spy on rival nations and scoop up useful information.

The BBC’s cyber security reporter Joe Tidy explains why one potential problem with 5G technology may have more to do with castles than you’d expect.

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  1. 5G will be definitely problematic when the owner is part of China's commonist party. I am sure, we can develop 5G/6G of our own !

  2. The state-owned China Railway Corporation plans to put a total of 6,800km of new track into service this year, a 45 per cent increase in expansion from 2018… You president who is clearly an idiot is building a WALL ,increasing military spending to $950 billion , and is happy with the Minimum wage staying low in the USA and happy with the Tax cuts of $1 trillion for Super Rich like himself and his Wife … America thier is ONLY ONE NATIONAL EMERGENCY ,YOUR PRESIDENT IS AN IDIOT ..burning threw $3 trillion dollars of tax payers money , your kids are going to be Poor GOOD LUCK !

  3. How the hell will US trust Huawei? They know they will use US companies to spy the world.
    Unlike the accusations to Huawei, Snowden actually showed evidence to the world.

  4. There is only suspicions for Huawei to install back door the USA claims, while there is solid evidences that Apple, NSA, Microsoft have back doors in their products and services for the USA government to spy globally.

  5. Mr Ren is lying. It is literally written in Chinese laws regarding sedition and national security that the government can subpoena for any data that a Chinese company holds about suspects. On top of that the Chinese justice system is directly under the influence of the party and the executive branch. In short the party can force Mr Ren to hand over data that he promised he won't share. He is clearly lying

  6. why should we trust any of them?

  7. prism prism on the wall, who is the most trustworthy of them all? if you don't know, ask Edward Snowden

  8. Blockchain people…Blockchain! And stop acting like the US ain't doing the exact same thing #doubleStandard #orentialism #eurocentrism

  9. Over decades, huawei device has been detected with backdoor only once, and is called headwater, yes, from the NSA.

  10. What about Google and PRISM?

  11. I think all the HUAWEI stuff roots in those western culture, they cheat when they cannot win. The sin of HUAWEI is they are beginning to lead the technology, that is it and that is all.

  12. Because the Western companies, including the Japanese companies don't have 5G come onto the market yer, while the Huawei 's 5G is available to use now.

    Absolutely correct by the end of the guest said, the liberal Western democracy countries and the Japan jumped onto the wagon too, power of technologies against Huaweii company's equipment, in short, the paradigm has been shifted.

  13. Sometimes I think BBC is US channel

  14. I will buy a Huawei this week, just because USA seems it’s a bit arrogant about believing they are the only power in the world .

  15. The 4G of the United States is coming.

    EU: …………..

    Obama: Hey, Merkel, you are being monitored.

    Merkel: …………..

    EU: ……………

    China's 5G is coming

    Trump: EU, you have to be careful about monitoring from China.

    Prism:There is no doubt that Huawei will monitor you

    EU countries: Yes, yes. The 5G in the US is the best. When will your 5G come out?

    AT&T: It has been developed.

    Sprint: Don't trust AT&T, its 5G and CNN news is the same.

    EU: We can't fall behind in the 5G era

    Trump: Waiting for me for two more years?


    Denmark: Huawei 5G is risk-controlled

    UK: Huawei does not rule out entering the domestic market.

    Germany: Never said that we must ban Huawei.

    France: @#¥&**(*&

    New Zealand: #@#……%……*¥##¥


    Trump: You are all traitors.
    Snowden: No, they are awakened.

  16. 5 eyes talk about back door , must be a joke

  17. west is afraid of huawei because it is harder for them to spy on others, and they can not compete fairly

  18. 5G Will Be a Public Health Crisis!

  19. This is free advertising for Huawei. Is a country's Internet backbone so weak that it cant stop cybersecurity concerns?

  20. This is laughable…. Typical "Can't beat them join them" …. Really it's to create justification to install this; it's true purpose is the IOT (Internet of Things), interconnectivity of any electrical device. A Blanket of cells in our country as powerful as current military wave tech. How they have avoid the heather danger to this is absolutely disgusting .. Please educate yourself and follow this link. It's rich with all info from appeals to the UN and evidence of the dangers etc.



  21. 5g radiation google it…

  22. Pathetic we are not doing this in the UK using our own technologists…why Hauwei…its all about business dealings not UK jobs or investment in skills here.. we have lots of core knowledge on this

  23. 5G Cell Phone Tower removed from School after 4 young Elementary Students Get Cancer!

  24. im actually quite shocked and surprised that western audience can see through this propoganda. is huawei skeaky clean? of course not but then we already know how corrupt facebook and google are yet they never get this level of scrutiny and fear mongering. its clear the West only pays lip service to capitalism and free markets.

  25. In order to save our pollinators, 5G has to be banned…. Not just Huawei. Medical Researchers are saying NO to the mass radiation of 5G!!!!!!

  26. Rediculous.. Complete propaganda

  27. Americas Silicon Valley with the brightest brains of the world can’t create a leading 5G technology???
    Of course there are silicone valleys everywhere but still, it doesn’t make sense.

    Why is China beating everyone and leading the technology???

  28. look at facebook! do you trust it?

  29. Why dont Huawei stop selling phones in Canada for arresting their daughter? That s what u get for messing with Nortel

  30. Why no report on the racially aggravated political terrorism that happened at a political rally in Oldham the other day?
    I can't seem to find any mention of it on your fake news site.

  31. 5g is a dangerous technology that uses a frequency that causes cancer. Be warned the phones will cause you deep tissue damage.

  32. spy on me i don't care lol i have nothing to hide

  33. who. the. hell. wants. 5g?!!

  34. Watching on Huawei y6 prime 2018 Philippines

  35. Stop talking Rubbish, the so called 5-eye are a group of selfish, jealous gang geared to sabotage rise of Huawei 5G technology because Britain, USA etc have failed to roll out their own 5-G technology that is why are involved in a very dirty campaign of scare mongering potential buyers of Huawei 5-G systems and smartphone, why would Britain doubt credibility of Huawei Company when British Telcom systens overly depends on Huawei stuff.

    One more thing Huawei gave source code of their system to British intelligence agency for scrutiny they did find anything threatening UK National security, Germany did the same they too didn't find anything. Yet, people like you are trying to bring up horror stories, even claiming Huawei systems gotta killer switch to disables their hard/software sold to costumers – what a white lie? The Nation that does this kind of things is USA which installs killer switch to jet fighters,air defense systems sold to NATO members and other Nations, they even go a step farther by installing listening devices to civilian airplanes eg Boeing 747 sold to China as a Presidential plane it stripped by Chinese experts to bare bones they found their Presidential plane laden with listening devices and other espionage gadgets to spy on Chinese President whenever he uses the plane!! – This means even Boeing civil aircraft sold to airlines companies can be commandeered through remote control from Boeing Seatles offices and fly it anywhere they want over riding Pilots Controls.

    Bottom line is: USA Govt and US telco companies and like minds like you will never succeeded to contain Huawei, people will always go to manufacturers who can fulfil their needs at affordable price and high quality – Huawei have already proven themselves.

  36. Chinese and American government are both evil.

  37. UK and German had done security checks themselves, and the reports show that Huawei does not have any security risk, Cisco however, are sure of having backdoors

  38. You are Anti-China. History will tell the truth!!!

  39. funny how they try to demonise anything or anyone better than them…#WesternMeddia sucks

  40. And we see nearly all US companies are connected to Uncle Sam, even fedex

  41. Huawei is the front runner in 5G….China is ready to lead the world of communication and the Western leaders can't digest it….

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