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Google Cloud Next 2018 in under 12 minutes

Google shows us the future of Google Cloud. Keynote details how customers are using Google Cloud to transform their businesses, and showcases new offerings launched across Cloud AI, GCP and G Suite.

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  1. lol they all keep looking up at the teleprompter

  2. Romanian guy editor. Bravo Liviu! Esti foarte bun!

  3. It may be a nice place to save my porn

  4. i hope, google will kill microsoft in enterprise enviroment…microsoft needs to die…

  5. Contact centre AI is going to be awesome. Its actually disgraceful when you have to wait on hold for 1+hrs for simple requests

  6. I dont understand anything that sundar pichai is saying…he is speaking some sort of chinese

  7. Can they just hire professional presenters

  8. That container joke caught me completely off guard. Loved it.

  9. contianer joke lmao
    unity moving from AWS to google cloud…big move. I wonder if they are planning on moving all their services? Like if they are using this as a test case.

  10. I'm sorry cloud is a user interface nightmare. I miss Steve.

  11. Google cloud is the first initiative for our dooms day by making more people unemployed by their AI

  12. There was some really amazing things especially connecting to local files and using them seamlessly with cloud apps. There was that coding app at the beginning. I am glad they are making there ai tools availabile in google docs. It is also interesting that they are making there deepminds tools available for average programmers.
    Like the use of the cubes for the presentation, ai was a bit disappointing at the end. As why is it being used as a middle man to connect to a person as I find that frustrating, as I hate robot voices on phones even if they sound human. Wish google would get there head out of the clouds as most of there products do not work without an internet connection, in the U.K. we are 35th when it comes to speed of connection and in Wales you have not got a chance of an internet connection

  13. Lets make google more invasive. Next thing they will want a dna sample on app permissions, and your contacts, and your contacts contacts, and thier cameras and microphones on and on….

  14. she sucks at pubic speaking. she sucked last year. why she is here again?

  15. the point is she sucked last year… can't believe it.

  16. A.I. is there. Humans no more needed.

  17. Wtf, do they speak English? aren't they graduated from top rank schools, in high rank positions with higher salaries, and called themselves professionals ? I wonder AWS and MS AZURE are better and with/more professionals

  18. How are you going to beat azure and aws?

  19. i understood some of that

  20. I thought Docker was the leader in containers

  21. "To help you disrupt … in a non-disruptive way" – Chief Executive Mom

  22. this was a 3 day event, not a single keynote supercut

  23. holy shit. this stuff blows my mind. now i don't have to write tensorflow to do mundane stuff. Wow. pretty soon though you'll have apps created by idea people that are non coders because AI will simply be able to make it and infer what you meant. But then there will be a time where its not an apps anymore, its just stuff that automatically happens when you think it.

  24. All this fancy shiz yet Google Chrome browser STILL CANNOT automatically alphabetize your bookmarks. fail

  25. Bring us Google Duplex on your next Android update

  26. The voice of the AI eBay customer representative sounded so similar to Connor from Detroit: Become human.

  27. Besides YouTube, Google has nothing to offer for me till they stop crawling data without asking, tell where and how it's used and offer a direct/not hidden opt-out function upfront.

  28. google is taking over the world

  29. dont make it selft tink ! that is never nedet. mog wurft the risk

  30. context sensitive a.i., language translation, grammar correction and instant fact checking will become our new political mechanism as our current Corporate Flesh Puppets become obsolete.
    corruption is on its way out.

  31. First speaker made me angry. Rythm and voice. Is this necessary now?

  32. Watch at 2x. (you're welcome)

  33. Please make compute engine cheaper.

  34. Kinda scary google has all this going on…

  35. There is no use of calendar. The way ut alerts, nobody gets to notice it. If it beeps like alarm clock its good. Till it's implemented, its a waste for novice users.

  36. Why let Feifei Li announce TPUv3, not David Patterson?

  37. And All this to improve my PORN viewing experience. Thank you Google Cloud!

  38. Google cloud & Microsoft Azure are never going to be great as AWS

  39. i choose digitalocean~~~i like it…its cheap and convient to build application ..

  40. Please, stick to coding and hire a pro presenter. Geezz

  41. Where is the highlights of Google Cloud Next 2019?

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