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How To Make: Starbucks Peppermint Hot Chocolate!


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  1. Hi Danielle can you please do a video on having a bad dream

  2. Best recipe i have found – i am english so all the other recipes have measurements in cups which we dont have

  3. Can you do a video on Oreo hot chocolate

  4. Instead of hot water you can just warm your milk up so it won't taste too watery 🙂

  5. i love it i just made it it taste so yummy

  6. you dont have to use milk! i just use it to cool it off

  7. this way is a lot healthier!!

  8. What if I don't like milk… Can you even taste it???

  9. can you do more outifts of the week please!

  10. instead of water you can just use the swiss miss and then add the peppermint so you can get a hot chocolate with marshmallows 🙂 or if you don't want that take any milk u have,pour it in ur cup,then heat it in the oven for like 1 minute to make it HOT then take your choco and pour it in your hot milk then stir it when your done stirring put a tiny bit of peppermint extract 🙂

  11. I'm obsessed too! I don't have a Starbucks near me but when I visit my boyfriend! I fill up 🙂

  12. * OMG I'm obsessed with this too and ur right it tastes exactly the same thanks so much I diddnt even think of this … It's a shame my starbucks in 1hr away 🙁

  13. OMG I'm obsessed with Starbucks peppermint hot choco

  14. Water?! I only use milk for hot chocolate

  15. I tried that and it's sooo good thanks! Tommorow I'm trying the Starbucks one

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  17. Yay! I am so excited to try it! Thanks! Can you do more of these videos please?

  18. Thanks so much for this video! I absolutely <3 the peppermint hot chocolate and have been drinking it every morning before school and I needed a recipe to make my own, and here it is! ^^ :p thanks again! love you!

  19. i love peperment hot chocalte thanks for this video

  20. They have peppermint flavored hot coco mix

  21. haha i have that ring your wearing

  22. Peppermint white chocolate mocha <3

  23. how much peppermint stuff did you put in?

  24. Awesome please do more cooking videos and quick and easy recipes 🙂

  25. Daniellleeeee! Follow me on twitter? I love this video, its very simple. @cheyisboss

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