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Richard Cook aged 43 from Ipswich. A SCHOOL TEACHER

Stung by Izzy from Innocent Voices on 28/07/19 following online sexual grooming of a bloody 9 year old girl(decoy) snd several others too! VILE BASTARD. I suspect,these will be his longest ever six week holidays ever! sting on behalf of Soloceptors/Soul Survivors


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  1. He In a job off trust as a teacher

  2. He may be a sick predator, but get things right, you cannot section 24A anyone on their own property.

  3. I knew it was coming, 17.07 and I’m sure he asked for ID, proper nonce

  4. This guy needs locking up for a very long time! Nine years old!! Repulsive sick wretch

  5. The lead female hunter is absolutely superb, very very professional

  6. Look he needs outing but is it really the best option to do it on the doorstep with his kids there? You're all about protecting the kids so why are you scarring these kids for life?

  7. If i was wrongly accused of being a paedo at my front door I would be swinging punches after 5 mins and making them clear my name. Not coming up with ridiculous excuses

  8. His wife and kids screaming and crying is fucking brutal. Holy shit

  9. if their age is on the clock…

  10. Damn so sad hearing the kids and wife crying….

  11. oh man this ones a rough watch

  12. it takes some next level sociopathic skills to listen to your own wife and kids that distraught because of your own behaviour and deny the whole thing with a straight face showing no emotion , this guy is seriously beyond any reasonable help .

  13. Hearing his family is breaking my heart.

  14. the teacher is the worst nonce case detention nonce

  15. Any update on what happened to him?

  16. Why do they not ask for help and stop the upset of their family ?

  17. What an effing liar. The typical type trying to be clever

  18. How could you do that to your family. Hearing his wife and kids in the background is absolutely heartbreaking.

  19. This is the most shocking and disturbing of any video made by a hunting group that I have seen. A TEACHER grooming a NINE year old is just incredible. His poor wife and kids are distraught. I just shook my head from start to finish whilst watching this.

  20. His wife took that well then !

  21. Off the beaten track nonce

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