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Terrible iPhone Games

I downloaded 20 games. 7 crashed. 6 of those 7 crashed due to a buggy ad.

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  1. These games will be perfect for Soulja Boy's Soulja Console, all the misleading bootleg broken games.

  2. "The guy in the screenshot looks like he wants to die"

  3. One of em sounds like Matt Smith from doctor who.

  4. How have I never seen this video

  5. Either you guys sound really depressed or the audio is really quiet.

  6. Chronic back pain licks boys shotgun rifle

  7. Phone apps and games are always so shitty

  8. Video was real quiet, I’d suggest raising the audio volume?

  9. Descriptions are better when their are automaticly translated

  10. I like the first zombie game cause its actually good

  11. can i play these on android

  12. those games are great, is not they?

  13. Your videos are so fun to watch, just like old times laughing our asses off with mates. Cheers!

  14. flylikeaspidermyspacebuttonisbrokenhahahahhahahahahahhahadieloljkxdbye

  15. As a firefighter I can confirm this is the correct way to fly a fire engine

  16. Hi Ladies if anyone else speaks the language "DELETE GAME" hit me up

  17. Anyone else thought their screen was dirty? xD

  18. I thought YouTube was giving me pop up adds

  19. G I R L † Ø U Ç H ß Ø ¥ S ß R ∑ ∆ S †

  20. Are we all just going to ignore the fact that one of the body parts on sex dice is moon?

  21. It helps when you actually have the microphone in the same room as the person talking

  22. Why is the audio so damn low?

  23. I haven’t watched it yet but search up rope hero there is some garbage Ben a game where you play as spider sans

  24. The amount of times I tried to close the ads as they appeared in the games
    Count: 5

  25. Who else went to click the x at 4:40

  26. “Fly like a spider”
    Yeah I saw a flying spider last week

  27. I love to play Fortbuild mine pub battle of duty xv number 452

  28. The first one is actually good.

  29. Man. This lets play is lit

  30. I didn’t realize I was watching Jerma985

  31. We just gonna skip over how nuts crazy 0:32 ‘s description was? Hasten!

  32. I feel like my phone got a virus just from watching this


  34. 1:51 thought that was a real add

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