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These Shopkeepers Defend Old School

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  1. I’m a competent historical martial artist and could do some serious mayhem with my long sword or fighting knife. He should’ve thrusted and then controlled the opponent from there

  2. In all reality, the shop owners had legal grounds to shoot the gun wielding guy with a non restricted firearm.

    They would get charged but it would get dropped in court as I understand the laws, as a Canadian firearms owner

  3. https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=CXUG4_1562443725 couldn’t figure out how to message you but check this out, John

  4. That was awesome!!! Nothing beats cold steel. Bonus points for intimidation.

  5. I know the store – now I see why they were watching me when I was in their store

    Door is double door and they can only enter 1 door at a time that's why they choose to break the window

  6. I bet the shop owners got charged for defending themselves. Gotta love Canadistan.

  7. "The point! The point! Don't cut!" – Napoleon to his cavalry.

  8. Another case of the good guys get lucky When the bag guy has a cheap pistol that malfunctions. Nonlethal QC spray may have incapacitated the bad guys at a longer distance than the swords.

  9. Broad daylight on a busy street??

  10. Guns are not banned in Canada. People can own a gun

  11. Lol I live 13km nearby that jewellery store.

  12. Wait, are you saying that criminals have unlicensed unregistered guns?! That's shocking and impossible according to the Lieberal Party of Canada and their leader Turdope.

  13. Has Trudope given the attackers an award yet?

  14. These defenders don't look like Canadians. They are probably immigrants from a place where swords are common. Canadians wouldn't react at all, just like you see in the comment section down bellow. You try a dumb stunt like this in Brazil, and the bad guys would be hanging from their years on the street and every kid in the neighborhood would be taking a piece of flesh souvenir back home.

  15. Yours says replica mine says .50 cal

  16. I never thought I would see Canadian swashbucklers

  17. gun 'where did they get it' . well it's usually smuggled in from USA or it is a pellet gun. rarely is it a stolen handgun in Canada because we have strict laws on their storage and purchase.

  18. Bullets and Bible hahaha

  19. The Jack Sparrow self defense class paid off i see.

  20. 0:54 is the funniest moment! LOLLLL

  21. Canadians can legally own lots of guns… just have mag restrictions.

  22. Wow, that's the worst execution to a crime I've ever seen. That's like, how NOT to rob a store in broad day light.

  23. Saw thumbnail…thought Ontario. Oh it is…

  24. The only reason they won was because of the narrow space, they had a advantage with the sword if they’re that close

  25. Johnny Depp would be PROUD!

  26. Firstly, no one was making it through that window with 3 swords defending it.
    Second it's Canada, the police aren't looking for anyone. They busy watching the try-outs at the start of the curling season.

  27. "who knows where they got that"— educated guess: straw buyers from the US importing them illegally and then selling them. That's usually how firearms make their way from states with little restrictions to states with reasonable restrictions.

  28. Demanding trial by combat… lol

  29. Brampton? Fucking "urban" people.

  30. They swing like bitches

  31. This is hilarious!!! Goes to show why we NEED weapons, everyone needs weapons whether they realize it or not

  32. Anyone want to make a three musketeers joke?

  33. I rather use slingshots that using these old swords from 1900s.

  34. Never bring a hammer to a Cutlass fight.

  35. AOC: there wouldn’t have been any problem here if these bigoted shopkeepers would have just removed their walls.

  36. Did that guy swing at the still intact window on right and fall? Hahaa

  37. you can still legally challenge someone to a duel in canada……. ps thank the lord for johns channel its hard to find proper self defense classes in canada they all involve bongs or cutlasses

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